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Remodeling isn't just for Homes!
That's right.  Just like a family changes in ways that merit them changing their home, businesses and organizations also change and their website must reflect those changes.  In fact, we venture to guess that websites dramatically change more frequently (about every two years on average) than your average home remodeling.  Again, remember that the visual look of a site is high on the list of what influences a visitor to stay at your site once they find it AND impacts whether they return or not—and how often.

Site Renovaton Benefits
Increased business better be one goal of any site renovation.  Additionally, site renovation also better aligns the marketing efforts of a business with it's changing print and cultural marketing plans.  And, a business that has refocused it's mission is a prime candidate for a site renovation.  Bizhand.Com has renovated sites that have helped increase traffic by 300% to client sites!  While often more challenging than starting from scratch (just like home remodeling!) the payoff of a well executed site renovation can be extraordinary!  See our own example of renovations over the years below.

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"I have worked with Bizhand.Com since 2001. I have been impressed with the quality of their Internet-related services as well as their customer relations."

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